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You are an expert in one field and if you work on a topic related to another area of expertise, then it is natural to feel shy or afraid speaking in public. There is a lot of risk involved if your work product lacks the best information on an issue or a topic.

If you are a public speaker, you have probably experienced the fear of being judged by your audience. This fear is greater when you need to speak in front of a large audience.

It is a big challenge to speak in public, especially when you have to talk about difficult topics or when you are speaking outdoors. Therefore, it is important to choose your words carefully and avoid any words that may cause discomfort. It is also good if you practice speaking in front of a mirror before going in front of an audience so that you can become comfortable with giving speeches.

take deep breathe:

Today, speaking in public is very common. However, most people don't know what to do when they are speaking in public. In fact, it is a common misperception that anyone can speak well and sell a lot of products without having to put much effort into preparation. This assumption might be true but only if you are an experienced speaker or an expert at creating the right kind of content."Deep breathing" is a common practice in public speaking. It means that you should stop talking and just listen to what others are saying.It is important to keep one’s self motivated and remember enough for the audience. Achieving these goals requires a special kind of speaking.

Admit your nervousness :

The best way to make sure you are not nervous while speaking is to practice. Here are few tips to get comfortable in front of the crowd. Practice makes perfect! Before starting a speech, stop and think about what kind of speech you want to do it. Ideally, you want your first speech to be a short one and then expand on it with more detail later on. If that's not possible for some reason, then there are other ways that can help you feel comfortable in front of the crowd before going ahead with your talk!

Become comfortable with "the pause" :

"The pause" is a concept that has been explained in various fields, but it is still not well known. The pause is an intentional pause and it helps people to stay focused on the topic they are talking about.As a speaker you are used to make quick decisions in your presentation and you often find yourself at odds with the audience. This is because you don't want the audience to be distracted, so you cut the speech short.

The way to overcome this problem is by using what is called "the pause". This allows people to take their time before they will ask any questions or make comments.

Be aware of your hand gestures :

We have to learn how to speak in public so we can communicate with other people.

The problem is that we are not good at it. We overdo the gestures and forget about them altogether, thanks to our ingrained habits of talking in public (e.g., clapping, raising our arms...).

Our body language can be a big source of distraction for others around us. If you are speaking in public, pay attention to your hand gesture, since your hands will be the first thing all eyes will be on you. Once they see that you know how to speak properly, they will quickly start paying attention to your voice and choose words wisely.

Practice, practice, practice:

I want to tell you about a recent study that has shown staggering results when it comes to speaking in public. As much as 80% of the audience is not listening to what you are saying, but rather just getting distracted by your clothes.

We should not focus on talking about how we can improve our language in general. We should instead focus on how we can get better at our natural conversational style and make sure that we don't make any mistakes during our speech.To be able to speak in public, you need practice. And the best way to practice is by speaking in front of a live audience and being challenged. If you don't practice, your performance will be very weak and when you will present yourself before an audience, you won't be able to perform well enough or at all at all times.

Record yourself speaking :

Some people believe that they have to speak in public. There are some things that they cannot do while they are speaking in public. But it's not necessary to let this bother you. The technology available today can help you record yourself and make a nice video of yourself speaking. This can be beneficial to many people, especially those who want to look more natural or someone who wants to capture their spontaneous nature and express it without the fear of being judged by the audience.

Organize your material:

Human volunteers spend a lot of time speaking in public, especially at events and conferences. By organizing the material that is needed for this goal, they can save time and money.

The draft text of your speech will look different if you don't organize it. This is because the structure of sentences can be different and it will look unprofessional if you have no style when you are speaking in public.

Organizing the material is time-consuming and frustrating task, but very important one. You should do it in a way that makes your presentation sound professional to your audience.

Use humor, Tell stories and use effective language:

You can easily get your audience to laugh at your jokes and make them feel comfortable with the content delivered by you. You also want to avoid boring topics and use humor when delivering messages.

The best way of building yourself up is through humor, which is universally liked. So humor can be used as a tool for increasing your social level. The trick here is that it has a limit. Sometimes you have to put your foot down and make others understand that you are not a lunatic or an idiot by telling them.Using humor and storytelling can help you to overcome your anxiety when you are speaking in public. Tell stories to your audience, such as a story about what happened in the past and how it affected you now.

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