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Co-living is the sharing of space to live together in the same house. There are many ways that co-living can be achieved, so this section discusses some of them.

Co-living is a great way of having a stay longer in one place and letting your friends and family know that you don't have to move away from your loved ones. Some examples of co-living options include:

Co-working spaces also allow people to work together in shared offices and are open 24/7 to all types of folk, with different skillsets and professional levels . They are very popular nowadays because they have proven to be good for solving problems at a fast pace.

Proper communication:

The importance of communication within the shared space or group is so large that we are often afraid of the people around us. We don't like to share our thoughts and feelings with people around us because we feel that they might betray those emotions and thoughts. However, being in a shared space or group should not be feared as much as being alone.

I believe that co-living is one of the best ways to get good experiences out of life. But it’s also one of the most difficult things to do because you need to be social when you are at home, work, or on your own time. To make this possible, co-living usually requires more communication than just exchange of information between strangers but also intentions in order for co-living to become a success.

Shared responsibilities:

Sharing responsibilities with co-living is an exciting opportunity. A shared house with a different style of living can be a good way to try out some new experiences and could even be a step towards renting out the entire place in the future.

Sharing responsibilities is not just meant for house sharing, it is also possible to share responsibilities on their own house. This will involve more people, but it's still quite practical as long as you are prepared to share your time equally with your friends and family members. Shared responsibility gives you the chance to make use of your social skills, like cooking or yoga, which could lead to better quality of life in the long run. Shared responsibility can also help you find new home spaces for other family members or for yourself as well!

Have respect:

Respect is a fundamental human trait. Humans feel it when they are treated with respect and they react accordingly.Respect is one of the most important values in life, it is not just a word to say but a comprehensive and deep meaning.It is very important to respect each other - both inside and outside the workplace.

When you think of your first impressions, you might have three main emotions: fear, excitement and wonder. We all know that there are many facets to human being which make us unique.

Be clean and tidy:

"If you want to become more organised and more mobile, use a co-living apartment as a way to build an impressive resume."

A co-living apartment is quite different from a normal flat. It's not just about the size of the floor space. It's about how you are able to incorporate other people in your lives into your daily routine. A co-living apartment gives you access to all your family, friends or clients on one of the floors in the building. So if you wish to own a few rooms and share them with some people, this type of accommodation is ideal for you. If not now but later… Enjoy living without stress and worry because life is too short for that!

Handle problem with maturity:

This time, we are dealing with co-living. There are many issues that require handling. Some of them can be simple and basic. Others may be complex and challenging to handle.If you are going to live with your partner or with someone else, you will both have to be mature in different ways and also have to come up with solutions that work for all of the parties.

We believe that it is important both for the people who live together and for their partners to understand the other's culture and language. And this is where a co-living platform should help them.

Inform before bringing guests :

Even though it is common for a guest to arrive at your door, the fact that you don't know if they will be able to reach it and if this will delay your opening them up further. You should inform guests about the possibility that they might be late in reaching the door. This will avoid any unpleasant encounters with them.

Be adaptable:

The best way to be adaptable is to be changeable and flexible. The more you can adjust your thinking, the more you can adapt what you do.With co-living, you can have a more comfortable life in your home. Since you are already used to your own space and do not need help to be adaptable, it is easy on the wallet.The more flexible you are, the easier it is for you to find a place to co-live. Not being able to choose your own partner based on his/her appearance or background is a cop-out that almost no one would want.

Be  realistic in your expectation:

We try to be realistic and not too confident about our abilities. We don't want to go out there without a plan, we just want to have a plan that is realistic.You need to be realistic when you plan your co-living because it is not an easy task to have perfect roommates at a given time.The more realistic you can be when it comes to co-living and sharing spaces with people around us, the better your life will be

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